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          our goal

          Protect every Android user

          We’re dedicated to improving security and privacy for Android’s 2.5 billion+ active devices every day.

          Layered Security

          Each part of the Android ecosystem works together to build a strong defense that runs smoothly and effectively.

          Transparency & Openness

          We’re transparent in everything we do. From our open source platform to keeping users informed, we share knowledge across our community.

          Backed by Google

          We partner with expert teams across Google to help keep over 2.5 billion Android devices safe.

          Protection in every layer

          Android’s layered defense leverages hardware and software to help prevent intrusions and keep users safe.

          Google Play Protect

          Security starts at the application layer with our built-in malware defense. Backed by Google’s machine learning, it’s always adapting and improving. Every day, it automatically scans all of the apps on Android phones and works to prevent harmful apps from ever reaching them, making it the most widely deployed mobile threat protection service in the world. And with Find My Device built in, devices stay protected, even when they’re lost.

          100 billion+

          apps scanned and verified every day

          Learn more

          A platform with built-in safeguards

          Beyond the application layer, the platform works to help keep devices safe from the inside. Application sandboxing isolates and guards every Android app, stopping other apps from accessing your private information. We also protect access to internal operating system components, which helps prevent bugs from becoming exploitable. Finally, full on-device encryption keeps data safe, even when devices are lost.


          of reported critical Android platform security vulnerabilities were patched by Google prior to public disclosure in 2019

          Learn more

          Hardware designed to defend

          At the deepest level, we leverage the hardware itself to protect access to the device. This includes a secure lock screen, Verified Boot to make sure the device hasn’t been tampered with, plus hardware-assisted encryption and key handling to help keep data safe, both in transit and at rest. Our newest OS, Android 9 Pie, also supports certified, tamper-resistant hardware.


          of Android phones running Nougat or higher use hardware-based lock screen verification

          Learn more

          Regular security updates keep things in order

          All of these layers are reinforced by security updates. We have an established monthly update cycle for Pixel devices, as well as those under the Android One program. In addition, Android Enterprise Recommended devices are updated at least every 90 days. We also share these updates and vulnerabilities in a comprehensive security bulletin for our partners and users.

          1 billion+

          devices received security updates in 2019

          See the latest bulletins

          The power of openness and transparency

          We start with an open source platform and we’re transparent with the changes we make. We keep our users and partner community informed, which lets everyone in the Android community work together for stronger security.

          Strength in numbers

          Our open source platform allows thousands of vendors, researchers, and device manufacturers to give feedback, solve problems and contribute to a more secure ecosystem every day. With over $6.9 million in payouts, our Android Security Rewards and Google Play Security Rewards programs recognize independent security researchers who invest time and effort into finding vulnerabilities.

          Putting users in control

          Our OS is transparent by design. If an app tries to access sensitive data, we require it to request permission from the user first. When we’re transparent with permissions and alerts, users have the insight they need to feel confident about managing their own security.

          See how we’re doing in our Quarterly Transparency Report

          View the report

          Backed by Google

          Collaborating with teams across Google lets us build comprehensive end-to-end protection for our users. Our partnership with Identity Management helps keep accounts secure, while Safe Browsing protects apps and Chrome browsing. And by working closely with Google AI and leveraging their expertise around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we strengthen our ecosystem so you stay covered in real time.

          Google AI
          Safe Browsing
          Identity Management
          Learn more about security at google

          The latest in Android Security

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